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Jun 11 2019


9:30 am





Intermediate Agility (Tues June 11@ 9:30)

Intermediate Agility

Dogs and handler must have approximately 1 year of agility experience, know all obstacles, be able to do 6 weaves. You and your dog will walk the course when you arrive, I will talk with you about different ways to handle the course. You will either run it right away or I will decide to break the course down into bite size pieces
and run the full course at the end of class.

Tina Stafford with Four Paw Fun Dog Training will be instructing this class, It a 6 week session meeting once a week for one hour. the cost is $155.00

WARNING: Most of My classes are designed to make you attractive to your dog, working on play drive, engagement, shaping behaviors.

If you are looking for a class that uses physical force, harsh verbal corrections, sitting in a chair for an hour hoping for a miracle… it will not be happening in my classes, all my classes are team based and interactive. So please consider this before signing up.

If the weather turns ugly we will not have class, snow, ice, high winds, temps above 90. During this time please keep an eye on your email or please call me. run courses off-leash. This class includes drills and handling skills. The emphasis is on the handler’s execution of variety courses.